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Big-Ski Sensor Mounting Bracket 40"
Big-Ski Sensor Mounting Bracket 40"
Sensor mounting bracket, assembeled, power coated with safety yellow
Content 1 Unit
$191.92 *
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Smart Amp MPA-100
Smart Amp MPA-100
The MPA-100 is an integrated digital controller with LCD based HMI for easy operation severeal sensor signals can be processed by the controller. The controller has fault diagnosis capability for easy troubleshooting. Technical data:...
Content 1 Unit
$3,246.71 *
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Big Sonic-Ski Junction Box up to 3 Sensors
Big Sonic-Ski Junction Box for up to 3 Sensors
Junction Box for Big Sonic-Ski connects 3 Sonic-Ski grade sensors with CAN interfaces for averaging. Technical Data: Interfaces: CAN ISO 11898 – 24 V – 125 kBit/sec Connection: 1x CA 7-pole bayonet female (to controller), 3x CA 7-pole...
Content 1 Unit
$650.74 *
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Pave-IR USB Cable
USB Adapter Cable to connect "MOBA-Drive" to a "Windows Office" PC Connectors: USB-A, 4-pin female
Content 1 Unit
$291.72 *
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MOBA Coil Cable 04-02-02620
6m Coil Cable, Connection Junction/Sensor...
Coil cable, 6m connection from junction box to the sensor (CAN-interface) Cable length: 6 m (stretched) Connectors: CA 7-pin, bay. male, CA 7-pin, bay. female
Content 1 Unit
$317.13 *
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MOBA Cable 04-02-02560
3m Coil Cable, Connection Controller/Machine
Technical data: Cable length: 3 Meter (stretched) Connectors: CA 12 pin bay. female (to conroller), CA 10 pole bay, female (to machine)
Content 1 Unit
$432.43 *
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MOBA Cable 6-Pin 04-02-00280
Coil Cable, Connection Sonic-Ski/Machine, 6-pin
Coil Cable to connect Sonic-Ski with the machine. 6-pin Coil Cable Length: 4-10 ft CAN connection from Sonic-Ski to the machine
Content 1 Unit
$197.69 *
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Products from MOBA Mobile Automation

MOBA Mobile Automation

Our mission is to provide customers with reliable, accurate and robust systems, sensors, controllers and Human Machine Interfaces. A keen emphasis on dependability, allowing for everyday usage.

Our North American sales and manufacturing offices are located near Atlanta, GA in Peachtree City. Our core expertise includes the following:

>  Process automation and process visualization for a great variety of working machines
>  2D and 3D leveling and positioning for machines in road construction, earthmoving and mining
>  Compaction control and temperature monitoring in road construction
>  On-board weighing technology for vocational trucks and wheel loaders
>  Safety applications for cranes and lifters
>  Identification technology with manual entry or RFID as well as software applications
>  Routing and telematics for waste hauling operations

Our Peachtree City, GA production facility is one of three modern manufacturing locations throughout the world. In this newly constructed building, we assemble technologies for the North American market. Also having ISO 9001 certification helps us ensure our customers consistently receive high quality products and services. Combining our in-house engineering staff with our technical service team allows us vertical integration from concept to product support.

Warehouse productivity is a function of the warehouse layout, so it made sense to spend extra time on designing our new warehouse to improve material flow and logistics. Today, the result is our ability to react quickly to customer demands by shipping parts and systems immediately. Most any part for our on-board solutions systems are in stock, packaged and ready for quick distribution.